Friday, October 03, 2008

Life: Moksha Yoga, Herbal Teas and Zoey

Here I am sitting at James, just Zoey and I are here.. and it seems kind of strange to be here in his house without him here.. but I better get used to it cause he is going to Panama for 3 weeks soon, next weekend & I will be here a lot.. cause I want to stay with Zoey. Although it's going to be a lot of commuting as James lives here in Little India (it's actually called the Indian Bazaar - but I like Little India) Coxwell/Gerrard area, so its a 5 block walk to get a bus to get to the subway and then a subway ride 30-40 min ride to the west side of town where I am working.. and will be doing yoga! Yes!! finally getting back into it - I am taking part in a 30 day Moksha yoga challenge - from Oct 4 - Nov 2nd. Alex suggested it, she does yoga there and is taking part and Angus is doing it & now I am also! the studio is at a Bloor & Jane I am planning on getting lots of transit reading in.

I have been spending hardly any money lately, but went out today and bought a Metropass for unlimited TTC travelling, yoga capris, couldn't find shorts I really liked, but have some yoga clothes already, maybe enough..although I am new to hot yoga, a Carolyn Myss book to celebrate. & I bought a whole bunch of herbs. I was doing some herb researching again and made a list of ones I wanted.. I ran out of time to get to Herbies Herbs (he has so many!!) but still got most of the ones on my list. Ashwagandha, Cats Claw, Pau d'Arco. Chaste tree berries, Dong Quai, White Willow, Damiana, St John's wort, and Frankincense tears ( to burn) .. I am drinking a tea of a mixture of several of these and goji berries.. yumm!! now while I type.

I didn't get (& still want) : Suma root, Chanca Pietra & Chuchuhuasi. But I will get those soon.

& Zoey is doing great! Today was a big day for him.. he got to go outside for the first time in months. Hard to believe its been over 5 months since I have moved into the apartment. Zoey took to this place really well. It's a lot bigger more laces to run & play and climb. and James is really into cats and put a nice ledge up by the window and pays lots of attention to him. He's really happy ..he sniffed around checking out the front yards of neighbours on each side. The neighbour on one side was just coming home with a new really cute 9 week old puppy they had just gotten - who is going to be really big I think when she grows up, she already is.

So that was basically my day. I am a bit nervous about if I am up for the yoga challenge, have hardly been doing yoga at all since I moved, but really am feeling a need to get in shape, get myself together.. I am still not feeling settled, Went to my apartment and there was hardly any food. its a weird thing.. it feels a bit like a hotel/apartment, but one day hopefully I will get settled again (maybe just in time to take off and travel the world!? : )

Oh & about Alex and Kellan. Well, Kellan is on his way to beautiful British Columbia, Vancouver, his family is there and hes going to go live there at least until his girlfriend Jasmine gets back from the Dominican Republic where she is working/volunteering. He was over 30 days raw when he left, said he had lost count exactly, a good sign.. but he definitely planned to keep going with it. He said he would e-mail me when he got there.

Alex started Juice feasting one more time and made it to almost a few weeks.. but didn't want me to post it cause she was unsure if she was going to make it. She has stopped and decided that it's just not the right time, and maybe not the right thing for her right now. She is still following the Hippocrates diet with lots of green juices. She mentioned that it started becoming a pride issue, she was determined to do it, ..but was feeling like it was not the best thing for her health wise or emotionally's great for many people, but was not feeling its the best for her right now. & so the Juice feast is over. ..but juicing and yoga are still in abundance!

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