Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Deliciously Intensive Tastes and Scents

Whoa.. I am burning frankincense, and I bought this cute little clay bowl last night, cause I wanted the charcoal in it to burn my frankincense tears.. and it came with this amber-patchouli powder (which I forgot to take out) and then I lit it & there was a big poof of smoke and I carried the pot upstairs, so the bedroom would smell great.. but its just smoking away ..and its great but I might be starting to get high, or feeling like I should be getting high. lol

Let's talk about food. I enjoyed my diner so much. It was simple really.. a salad with mixed greens and sunflower sprouts, lots of them cause I have a bag that I want to finish.. and silverleaf olives and pine nuts and this big incredibly beautiful, succulent, delicious tomato.. and then I decided that I would chop a whole clove of garlic in the dressing, cause I'm all alone & I love garlic (but hey, anyone close to me has got to accept the garlic once in awhile, comes with the package, just the way it is) oh & I mixed a spoonful of basil pesto in.. Mmm.. Oh it was soo good.

Then after I was on the phone chatting away and don't you just love when you get into automatic pilot and all of a sudden there was this bowl of granola sitting in front of me ..broken up straight from the dehydrator with almond milk and maple syrup drizzled on top. Oh, it was so good. I actually had to sneak in bites during the conversation (which, of course, ended within a minute or two because she got another call .. and I was really putting out there to the universe how I had to sit and enjoy this bowl of granola. lol Thats the way it works.)
& the granola is amazing!!! I was really into it last night when I was making it. I also bought a microplane grater from a commercial kitchen store last night mainly for the orange zest, Nice. It had chopped up dehydrated pineapple I had made a couple nights ago, and banana and apple, cranberries, coconut, vanilla, cinnamon, maple syrup, date paste, almonds, pecans, walnuts.. all the best stuff and the kitchen smells so great today.

Oh & I took pics of some pizzas we made at Rawlicious..

We make them, dress them up and keep them and serve them warm straight from the dehydrater.. Both of these have a cashew cheeze - one has a Tomato Marinara sauce and the other Basil Pesto.

The Marinara pizza has tomato slices, mushrooms, olives, red peppers and pine nut parmeasn toppings.
The Pesto piza, which was Angus's idea (I think) and a real hit has mango, cilantro and red onion toppings.
They are so delicious!


Michelle J said...

Lovely looking pizza Keiko!!!

How are you sweetie???


Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Wow, that was quick.. I just edited and came back.. & your here, nice surprise. I am amazing Michelle. Thanks for asking. I know I was going through something crazy awhile back.. it took about a month to get completely out of it, but now it seems better than ever. I have no idea.. but I think some big deep thing got released.. and I am very happy, with everything now.. even more than before (& thats amazing) so far it seems that the few little things that would annoy me sometimes, well, they just don't any more..It;s really cool & very good. very, very very peaceful and happy. ..& how are you doing?

Reb said...

Woe, I don't Know which one the
masterpiece, the food or you Keiko.
Could not go wrong with with either
one. Looks like a pulse base.
I would share with you that package any day.
You are simply amazing!!!

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Thanks Reb. wow, umm.. Have a wonderful day! : )

HiHoRosie said...

Gorgeous pizzas!!!