Monday, October 20, 2008

Pomegranates and Chocolatherapy

I just finished off another pomegranate and loving them so much I feel like going and opening another. I ate 2 yesterday and have been eating them every day for awhile. Love them!
Eat the whole seeds.. I remember when I first watched someone eat a pomegranate, they spit out the center hard part of the seed. Forget that, the whole thing is so great for you and you get used to crunching them up.
When you open a pomegranate, cut off the top part, where the stem is, the top 1/2" and then you will see the whitish skin part separating the sections, there are 6-7 of these sections. Score each section from middle out and down the side of the pomegranate. Pull them apart and then just pull off the seeds into a bowl. Mmm.. then scoop little handfuls of the seeds and eat them.. so beautiful and delicious!

Yes, I need another. Zoey is asleep at my feet, he is so happy! I am listening to Mike Adams on the Rawkathon, flipping over every once in awhile to see him. ..and organizing files, going to start typing out and organizing recipes for another recipe book, even though I haven't finshed the 1st. I just need a good design idea. Waiting for that flash of inspiration or design person to come, should be any minute now..

Don't you love when you see life flow. I have only noticed this since going raw.. I just got clear and start really noticing things.. It';s great when you start paying attention - flows of events and things which come into your awareness.. certain things are related, and sometimes it all makes sense and sometimes not as much..
Like last night, I went to Jims to have dinner with the family. I didn't get this flow at all, bt it was amusing - he buys me Hearts of Palm (for the big salad I always make there), then I watch the movie Irena Palm (don't ask), Marianne Faithful is in it, then the Stone's song comes on the radio right after, As Tears Go By, Mick wrote it for her .. so what's this all about I wonder.. maybe I should be sitting under palm trees!
& then I open my mail & James sends a link to the resort hes at this week, The Gamboa Rainforest Resort, which he tried to talk me into going with him. Yikes, am I crazy, being all responsible and working hard, etc, wow.. I didn't realize it was this nice - and they have Chocolatherapy there (I don't even know what that is, but I'm sure I need it!)

Well I am not there but I am still in the flow, receiving fun messages and clues from the Universe and having fun watching everything go by no matter where I am. & I am sure he will take me there another time, when it is the perfect time, and of course it will be.

For now I am going to go open another pomegranate, get a bid salad, then maybe have hot chocolate & Truffles (from Fred's Food not Candy) and then get back to work!! ; )

ps. I was just downstairs opening another pomegranate, haven't even clicked publish post and Mom calls - she just bought a pomegranate and asks how to open it.. oh yeah, we're flowing..

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