Thursday, October 16, 2008

It happened! I got a cold!

Mercury retrograde was officially over yesterday, but I (& this computer) are still feeling it today. I can't get into my mail and am having difficulty here.. but, yes, pics up and it seems to be slowly working (on & off)

Maybe the Universe knows that I really should be in bed sleeping!
ok, it finally hit me. I got a cold! no fair!!! ..Kaiya laughed at me "Ha, Ha you thought you were too healthy and wouldn't get it!! ..I knew I'd give it to you" teenagers! ..she's on her 2nd in a row and I think she was trying to give it to me. ..but I thought I could live through anything. Thats true. so the bad news is I got a cold.. the good news is it lasted about 1 1/2 days. : ) Although I have to admit it felt a little hardcore while it was here with me. I woke up in the morning with a sore throat, afternoon stuffed up.. evening dripping nose.. last night I even felt feverish and slept with lots of blankets piled on me, on & of.. got lots of sleep and I feel really good now.

Just got in from dinner with Jim & Kaiya.. he said I didn't look like I had a cold. I don't feel like it either. So, well, I got a cold even though I am raw.. but I did get rid of it quickly.

I do have to admit though that I did work at getting rid of it. Every couple hours I was doing something .. started off in the morning with oil of oregano drops, 3-5 drops under the tongue.. then water, wait 15 min and did it again.. I did that about 4 times before I got to work. Got in there and chopped up garlic. Ate a whole clove, chased it with water and then a spoon of honey. Got a couple people doing it at work with me.. its a remedy for the strong and brave (& those who can handle having garlic breath - it's worth it!) I love having company eating garlic - then I know at least someone will talk to me! lol I took Host Defense, ate healthy, of course! green smoothies, green juice.. and lots of water!
If you do get a cold drink lots & lots & lots of water - helps wash it away.

I feel almost back to normal (not quite superbeingish, but getting there) & one thing I noticed is that even though I felt kind of weak and sick yesterday, I was happy being sick.. watching it & feeling it in my body and passing.. and it was all good. I looked forward to coming and watching a movie (with spanish subtitles, although I was a little out of it and was only getting through part of the reading.. the lines were going by too fast.. I was on slow speed) but it was fun to just be part of it. So I know something good has clicked inside me.. I am happy just being, even if its being sick.. it really is all good.

& I know I am feeling better, I started off my dinner tonight with wheatgrass.. thats a good sign. I'm not sure if its from having worked at Toronto Sprouts and having drank so much of it (last year), sometimes 6-8 ozs a day!! but I have a harder time with it now than I used to , maybe I have just gotten out of the routine. But I know how good it is for you , have heard literally miracle stories about the stuff, so I usually do an ounce or two whenever I get a chance.
& then I had 1/2 a glass of wine, not much.. but I am soo sleepy.. and these crazy early mornings (which I love) but I am out of here so early & its so dark and the streetlights are on & it feels like the middle of the night.. then watching the sun rise by the time I get to work... it takes me almost an hour and half from here (L India) to Rawlicious in the west end.

So I am off to my wonderful fun-filled dreamland which I love so much. See you on the other side! *hugs, xo*


Anonymous said...

It does happen even whe you are raw because viruses are so insidious. I am glad you got over it quickly. Also I think sometimes it is our bodies way of saying - hey rest a bit, take a break - chill out. I eat tons of pickled garlic as preventative medicine, that way no garlic breath. Garlic is an amazing cure-all. I love your thoughtful posts.

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Thanks Nikki : ) Nice to hear from you. I am just so glad that the virus left so quick, even I was amazed.. although it has happened before since I have been raw that I had a one day cold.
& I was so glad that I am so much more positive now again.. I was happy even with the cold.. I am just really really happy about everything again.. and more than before. cool.
Here's to garlic & good vibes & deprogramming and getting clear - Cheers!!