Sunday, April 30, 2006

Nature & color theory

I worked all day @ Seagull. Afterwards, Kaiya & I went and became environmentalists for awhile. We went and picked up 3 bags of garbage from around Jims new shop. Then we went and treated ourselves to new mascaras after. : )

“In nature there are neither rewards nor punishments, there are consequences” Robert G. Ingersoll

There are consequences to every action we take. Some are positive, some are negative. Every action has an effect on our lives and the lives of others. Our actions are far reaching and so are their consequences. Our personal happiness and progress is reliant on taking positive actions.

We take on the energies of people who are around us. It’s important and beneficial to surround yourself with positive people.
When we have sex with someone I believe we actually take on a part of their spirit. For instance, say I’m red and my partner is yellow, we would both become orangish. If my partner was blue we would both become purplish. However if my partner was green then we would both become mud.. , which is bad.. unless you like being mud.
Hmm ..or maybe only one of us would change if the other was really strong. ..well, it works in color theory. If I was a really strong red & came across just a little green.. then I wouldn’t change very much but the green would. If the green was very strong and the red was weak.. then vice versa.. get it? If it works in nature one place it’ll work in another place.. nature is like that, very consistent with its laws.

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