Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Vonneguts Zen Sun

Twice today I heard Cats Cradle come up in conversations. The 2nd time was in a used bookstore on Kingston rd – The Great Escape – where I was looking to help my son pick out a book for a book report. Then I saw Cats Cradle by Vonnegut. I remember this book of Vonnegut’s over the rest of his that I had read .. I had thought of it before for him, so I bought it.. Hope he likes it.

Meditation class – its Zen meditation practice – silent meditation. We usually sit in a circle and meditate for about 20 min together and then discuss various related things after. I was distracted today and looking too closely for an insight- that’s when they rarely come, been too much in my ego, in the future – ahead of the dragon. You are more in your ego when thinking of the past or future. I need to get out of worries and reflections, get back into the present – ride the dragon – be in my natural self.

I love John’s analogies – he likened organized religions, or rather our interest in their methodology, in their ceremonies, the rites and rules to looking at a hand pointing to the sun. ..and being more interested in and looking at the hand, instead of the thing it is pointing to – the Sun.


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