Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Rooted in energetic Carnival Dreams

I dreamt last night of being at a carnival with my mom & we were ordering pizzas, hers was pepperoni, strange cause she’s been a long-time vegetarian, mine was cheese.. lots to it but the main thing was the guy who owned the pizza company, we talked & talked, had so much in common, we were like the same, all these things.. and then it got sexual. & there’s lots & lots more ..But the main thing is how strong the dream was, its interesting how some dreams just haunt you for a long time after.

A Good friend of mine gave me very good advice today. It seems common sense but I had never thought of it like this before. He told me it’s important to know where you stand. This is what you own. Have your priorities clear. Know what things are important to you- things that you will protect and support. For me its: my family, my art, my raw lifestyle, my spirituality, and exercise. These things form the core of who I am, they keep me rooted.
The advice came because I was upset about a peripheral thing.. but peripheral things come and go.

- You can only hold one conscious thought in your head at any one time. Make it a positive one.

- Thinking about problematic life situations gives them energy. When your mind goes to a situation that brings you down, lowers your energy, it is important to remember that you don’t have to think about it. Doing so only fuels it, gives it energy and strength and lets it grow, so that it will continue to take over more and more of your thoughts.

-Being aware of what you are thinking about lets you catch these thoughts quickly when they come to you and allow you to extinguish them right away.

-Then when time has past, time does heal all wounds, you can look at it again more clearly and decide if this situation is one you want to let go of, change or keep – perhaps even only temporarily. ..& if so, then it is best to live with it in awareness. It is in fact a decision you made – this makes it easier to let it go & not dwell on it.. it being a conscious decision you made. This gives you control of your life, then you can let it go & get on with the rest of your life.

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