Friday, March 20, 2009

MMS, Scalar Wave cold laser, & more on sodium

It's very late for me. I worked a long day at Rawlicious and am getting up early to spend the day at the Spring Marketplace at Toronto Sprouts tomorrow. Yay!!! -except that this is the last event to take place at the 720 Bathurst - Sprouts home. I have a close relationship with this space. Looking forward to spening the day with close friends there tomorrow.

I have been into some alternative therapies lately.. listening to a close friend tell me the miraclous power of MMS (not MSM) sodium chloride. I am going to look it up more, sounds very interesting.. but I dont know a lot about it yet.

& I cut the tip of my thumb chopping veg this morning and had it healed this eve with a Scalar Wave new revolutionary cold laser - advanced quantum scalar wave technology. I held it all over my body - adrenals, upper back, lymph points, etc. I should be completely healed of anything by now I think! : )

& again sodium bicarbonate comes up. This is what I hear.. if you mix 1 t sodium bicarbonate with 3 t of organic blackstrap molasses (I know not raw..but..) mix these in a jar, if you mix in too small of a jar they will foam up & all over the place, you will need larger jar.. then take 1 teaspoon a couple times a day. It works like this.. the cancer cells will be attracted my the sweet & feed off the molasses and then the sodium will get inside the cell and heal it. Interesting! I don't know if it works, its just what I heard & am sharing it.. but interesting concept.

Make your own Ph Booster with MMS


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ok, great, thanks.