Saturday, March 07, 2009

Holding Space and Raw Energy Workers

Holding Space. I was thinking about what this meant after a co-worker thanked me for holding space for her this afternoon. She was getting very stressed at the whipped cream topping for the carrot cake we were making and sending out some crazy energy, getting upset, stressed, it wasn't getting as creamy as usual, the energy seemed unrational and I am not sure if I picked it up more clearly or if she was more transparent.. it was like I could see her energy.. and I just calmed down.. and well, held the space in peaceful energy.. and let her go through her thing.. and then she kind of came out of it.. and I said "wow, you were really getting stressed" & she stopped and realized that .. (& went and did reiki on the carrot cake) & I told her maybe she should send some love to the Vita-mix too.. and laughed..
ok, well, a little glimpse into our raw kitchen.
Energy is important, and I feel especially when making food. We want to transfer only positive uplifting energy!
But what I am really thinking of is the concept of holding space.
Another friend, an energy worker was telling me about how, hmm, it was either a schitzophrenic girl who was having an episode or someone who had done wayy too many drugs.. how he did energy work on them while a couple guys held space for him..
anyway, I was thinking about this whole holding space for someone.. and it seems that diffeent people have kind of different ideas about it. While it is basically creating a safe container of space for someone to go through something, it seems like it is kind of like energy work in that different people hold space in different ways. It can be like a shield, a bubble, waves of loving energy, you can empty yourself and be like a mirror, reflecting back.. which maybe only works if the other has an opening of consciousness so that they can see themselves at that moment.. otherwise its just sending back their own harmful energy. ..just a thought. Energy work is interesting stuff.

for me, Holding Space is an intuitive thing.. but something done very consciously, it is energetic.. and reaches a higher plane of consciousness. it is always about peace and love ..and truth.

An article by Melita Marshall resounded well with my idea of Holding Space:

"My meditation began to yield an answer in the form of a further question. “What does it mean to hold space?” The spirit of the Ayahuasca plant was to reveal to me in further visions the true dimensions of the cosmic joke, in which the answer was contained in the question.

..In order for the thousands of individuals and groups of people who come to such retreat centers to receive healing from the sacred land and waters that we steward, we who live and work there need to ‘hold space,’ that is, maintain a safe container, for them. What I have learned about holding space is that it takes a lot of energy, even though it may seem as though we are doing nothing.

...But beyond all of these attributes, holding space is a spiritual exercise in which a higher consciousness, a high vibrational field, is invoked and maintained. It is invisible and hard to describe, but people feel it and need it. To do this, we consciously honor our connection with Source and with all life, we celebrate our work as service and demonstrate the value of community."

I think raw foodists tend to Hold Space well. I also think we are Energy Workers. Especially those of us who help others to eat raw, so that they can clear their energy flow also.
..Energy is very, very important.. it's all about the energy!


debbiedoesraw said...

beautiful post as always. Your blog always makes me sigh, so gorgeous and full of love!
deb xoxoxo

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Thanks Debbie, so nice to hear from you!! Bug Hugs back! xo : )