Monday, March 09, 2009

Mañana es Feliz Dia Verde!!

Mmm.. really felt like posting pics of good food. I have been craving a big green juice and have been busy and not around any place to make one for me, lots of green smoothies though. Thank God for those!!! ..but I will be so happy to have a big green juice - soon, very, very soon!!!
Isn't it amazing how we come to crave green!!!
Quiero verde y es muy necessario y mi espanole es muy bueno, si? Jejeje : )
Buenos noches, Duermos bien y Dulces sueños!! y mañana es Feliz Dia Verde !!!!
Como se dice 'Bliss' en espanole?


Meg said...

The collard wraps are GORGEOUS!!!
How do you wrap them? I know that must sound like a silly question, but they look so perfect and tight, with the bottom perfectly sealed....
I'd love some tips :-)

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Hi Meg, nice to hear from you. I posted a blog on the taco wraps last november - check out here:

I have a little technique - fold up the bottom, slightly fold up the sides and then each side over.. slightly folding up the sides before folding over makes it so the fillings dont drip out, it holds together great.
This has been one of my longstanding favorite lunches ever! Cheers!!

Lauren said...

I crave green juice and smoothies when I go without them for a few days as well. Lovely pics. Still need to try raw pizza! ;)

Anonymous said...

No se como se dice en español, pero en portugues es felicidad y suerte
Buena comidita haces tu, chica

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Amazing how that happens, craving green, fo figure.. but it happens! truly!!
Felicidad y suerte! Salud!! xo