Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour and Eating Raw

Sat Eve - Brians Birthday party - We went over to his place to celebrate and spend Earth hour together with friends. It was fun. I love candles.. and we had a fireplace. & music and singing and party games!! I used my cell & texted my daughter and that felt kind of wrong. Is it just lights out or should the breakers go off & everything? I will find out for next year. Regardless we made the most of it & had a great night.

We had lots of food, some raw & some not, which is the case at most get togethers. & I had a glass of wine and also champagne. It's rare for me to drink, but this is the time when I will sometimes try something cooked or a drink - at get-togethers. There is something very important and communal about sharing food.. when my kids come over I will sometimes have a few bites of whatever they are eating, which is often cooked. I could be 100% & I was pretty much for a few I have found a comfortable 90-95% place where I eat raw most of the time.. often for long periods of time.. but I will stray from the 100% path for condiments, like maple syrup or balsamic vinegar or things like that and for eating out with others.. where I sometimes want to try what they are eating.. communing is important. Maybe one day everyone will be raw foodists.. that would be best! Anyway, this is my path.. it works for me. I believe in juicing and a diet made up of primarily greens.. and I have found a way to be comfortable living this lifestyle. We all have to come up with our path, how to eat the best we possibly can in our given life situation and with the people we want to be with. Maybe one day I will be a purist again.. but for now I have found the way which works best for me.

& of course, I am always working hard to make the Raw Food World a better place!! Cheers!


Nathalie Lussier said...

I couldn't agree more with your idea of communing. I think it's such an important part of the social human way of life to share food.

You did good! I think 90-95% raw is a good percentage, if it keeps you and your family and friends all in harmony.

P.S. I loved the picture of the mangoes! :)

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Thanks Natalie!!
Hugs! Great to hear from you.
The mangoes were (& are) amazing. Still have lots.. mango season has just begun. Yay!!! xo