Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pot Luck - January 09

I really enjoyed the pot luck this month. I was actually slightly hesitant to go.. for a few hours sometime in the month I had thought maybe I wouldn't.. the previous few pot lucks had grown to about 80 or so people and they had gotten kind of crazy. I always had fun (of course) but it had gotten a bit chaotic, and well, just not what you would expect from a bunch of seemingly peaceful, loving herbivores.. lol (some people seemed a bit turned off and an e-mail full of rules was sent around.. the fun felt like it was dissipating) but the time came & I went of course, I knew I would.. there were less people 40-50 I think.. and someone came up with a bright idea - Forming a line - LOL and all of a sudden it all flowed and was beautiful again. Brilliant! (insert sunshine and flowers here ..or more pics of the beautifully thought out, love filled creations that were brought..)

These deserts were soo good!

This was my plate at the bottom left - Beautiful!!


Anonymous said...

I was there, and, honestly, I preferred it when it was a bit more chaotic.

The lineup may have worked well for those toward the front, but for those of us who were near the end, most of the best looking dishes were empty and it was a 40min+ wait in line to get food.

While the people are lovely, and the food fabulous, I'm really hesitant about going back because of the direction in which the organizers seem to be going.

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Interesting, thanks for your comment. I was near the end also.. #42 but I was in with the 50something's lol slacking off near the back. I was in a pretty relaxed frame of mind and just got up and into the line when 1/2 of the people had already been through.
There seemed to be a lot more food this time with lots of food left over which was a really nice thing to see!
I'm really ok with it either way.. but I personally found it a little more civilized and kinder this way.
Hopefully it will just keep getting better & better! & I will continue to go cause I just love the people and yes, the food is fantastic.
& I do hope to see you at the next one. : )