Saturday, January 03, 2009

Great Christmas Toys : ) Rebounders and Inversion Tables

Thank God for Christmas & new toys!! : ) We have a new ReboundAir here! I had been wanting to get a Needak until Mom sent me info on the ReboundAir. Mom has had a Needak rebounder for years and it gets used a lot!! But now its starting to creak.. and she has been hearing about the ReboundAir, which is supposed to be really great.

We got the quarter-fold version - & it really has an incredible bounce!!!

But oh look, I just went online and saw another toy next to it - a Teeter Hang-Up Inversion Table!!! This is supposed to be great to:
- relieve many forms of back pain
- stretch and relax muscles· relieve stress
- improve lymph flow
- drain blood from the lower limbs(has been known to relieve varicose veins)
- move fresh, oxygen rich blood to your upper body and brain
& also encourage good posture

hmm.. how many days till next Christmas? : )


Jaynel said...

Ive been wanting a rebounder for the longest time !! So I heard it's great for reproductive issues....have you heard anything like this??

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Hi Jaynel,
Rebounders are great for so many thingsd.. one thing in particular that I know and think of is the lymph system. I need to look them up again and check out all the health benefits. A DVD came with it which I haven;t watched yet (but plan to one day soon) so, no I haven;t heard about reproductive tissues.. but I think its good for all cells (&therefor tissues, organs) increses oxygen and circulation around the cells - & so, it would make sense if it was.
I am going to look into it more fully soon!!
Nice to hear from you : ) It's a Pleasure to meet you! Hugs, R