Thursday, January 08, 2009

I am Inspired

I am so inspired!! I have 3 new books on spices, flavors and world cuisines, as well as 5 new raw 'cook' books from Christmas.. I am just creating a new raw -East African inspired- rice dish ..and just taking a break now from browsing through this stack of beautiful books.

I love the Cafe Gratitude books: I am Grateful and Sweet Gratitude ..Now, those are inspiring, their recipes and especially their words!!

I am Thankful, Trusting, Responsible, Loving, Accepting, Grateful, Creative, Peaceful, Generous, Worthy, Nourishing, Abundant, Pleased, Welcoming, Magical, Spirit, Kind, Honoring, Bountiful, Happy, Present, Entrusted, Opulent, Generous, Grateful, Insightful, Fiery, Flourishing, Flowing, Wholehearted, Divine, Adventurous, Authentic, Dazzling, Giving, Purified, Sprightly, Fabulous, Alive, Nourished, Content, Gentle, Intentional, Creamy, Ravishing, Cheery, Spicy, Awesome, Impeccable, Receptive, Light, Attentive, Graceful, Focused, Fun, Original, Relishing, Releasing, Bueno, Elated, Passionate, Sensational, Open-Hearted, Mahalo, Vivacious, Cheerful, Accepting, Whole, Enrolled, Festive, Complete, Hopeful, Aloha, Youthful, Renewed, Rejeuvenated, Rich, Worthy, Succulent, Healthy, Charasmatic, Excited, Wonderful, Sassy, Bold, Effervescent, Refreshed, Cool, Luscious, Lusciously Awake, Grace, Beautiful, Delicious, Berry Sweet, Bright-Eyed, Vigorous, Great, Thrilled, Courageous, Rapture, Assured, Magnificent, Cherished, Inviting, Home, Perfect, Creative, Lovely, Devoted, Adoring, Amazing, Bliss, Heavenly, Awakening, Smooth, Pleased, The Best & very Decadent!!!

& we all know how powerful words are!! Now that's Inspiring!! : )


Paul said...

Sprightly. Lithe, also.

Acadian Soul said...

I am so in Awe of your site. I am commenting just to be associated. Wonderful!!!! Plus all other Beautiful adjectives

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Hey Paul! : ) thanks!!
& sprightly lithe hugs to you! lol

Acadian Soul - Thank you for commenting. It is a great pleasure to meet you. I read your blog - all the way through! ) very interesting. Life is wonderful, I am so happy that you have found me! Nice to share the frequency with you. Yes, the secret to the bead is in the hole! : )
(but who is in the picture of the window to the soul post?)
Hugs and smiles and love to you! R