Monday, January 19, 2009

Filming at Rawlicious - Day 2

What a day! We were scheduled to film at Rawlicious again today and got a call that the power was out. So much happened today and so many changed plans, it is mercury retrograde right now! ..but we just flowed through it. At one point we were ready to just give in to it, take off, go watch a matinee and hang out downtown ..but power got restored and we packed up and off we went to film once again.

Although the afternoon off sounded great, I was glad we ended up going in, and especially that there was power and Angus and Tracy and the kids weren't cold or without power.. but also, I had spent yesterday prepping, making pizza crust ahead of time, getting the fermented almond cheeze started, and we had bought so much food!

So, I will take a raincheck, or in our case a snowcheck on the movie and outing.. although for my next few days off (or month of days off) I am scheduled to do more filming, it looks like we are working on a series.. all the really good, basic, and easy recipes that are great to know if you want to go raw. I feel this is a really important project which will be very helpful to so many people.

My director, James, took some pictures ; ) which I am posting here.
Today we covered recipes for lots of sauces: Tomato Marinara, Basil Pesto and Alfredo Sauce and a couple nut cheezes, a fermented Almond Cheese made with miso, garlic, ginger and spices and a Cashew Cheese. We made Zucchetti, Lasagna and Pizza. Oh & we made pizza crusts with almonds, seeds, carrots and zucchinis which is really wonderful!
..Then even though I was tempted to cut it short because of our late start, we continued to prepare and show how to make Kale Chips, and a couple different recipes for dehydrated nuts and seeds: Crisy Living Seeds and Crispy Living Nuts.. I made the nuts with Indian spices: Curry, Cumin, Garam Masala, Coriander - these are all great, excellent things to have made up ahead of time for when you get hungry and need a quick snack.

This is a slice of the pizza we made..

& this was our lunch: freshly made Lasagna! Mmm.. & we had company

Fred from Food Not Candy, who makes the best truffles came by and we got to have a couple truffle breaks!! Nice! : ) (note to Fred - OMG! I just went to your site and it is sooo beautiful! wow. I LOVE it!)

Silly - Fun .( I must be getting delerious to put this pic up!) ..& we didnt get out until about 9 and then I came home & was back at it! ..filled my dehydrator with the pizza crust we had made. & now I am pretty much done.. off to read and then bed and I'll be back at Rawlicous tomorrow.. Good Vibez, Sweet Dreams! 'Night!!

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