Saturday, January 17, 2009

Brief Glinpse

ok, Just a brief little glimpse into my mind tonight - It's been a busy day and still lots to do. Oh, I got to make chocolate chip cookies today, so exciting!! actually they were chocolate-chocolate chip.. from Matthew Kenneys Everyday Raw book, which I have hardly had a chance to look through - but when I saw a chocolate chip cookie recipe! Well. wow! ..but I would like to make them with regular white vanilla cookie dough, Hmmm..

& now I am off to get ready for filming on Monday, recipes together, grocery list made, soaking nuts.. (interesting, the things I do on my days off! )

& I have so many things I want to blog about - the book I am reading is getting really fascinating now, Lynn McTaggert's The Intention Experiment - I am in the chapter 'Praying for Yesterday' and it tells about all these studies that are convincingly revealing about how our thoughts are influencing not only the future but also the past!!!! I have to tell you about certain parts of that! coming soon.
Oh, and other raw creations from Rawlicious, and the Food for Thought Documentary evening last night, another full house despite the freezing weather -25 degrees, Its crazy what we are living through.. and the power went off for up to 24 hours in some parts of the city (actually a little longer in a few places) which is really scary in this type of climate. It realy gets you thinking about how reliant we are on the city for our water, power.. and about being self-reliant with a well and root cellar (wow) ..actually its even colder up north where we would have that kind of lifestyle.. brrr and I have discovered that I have a disease, Reynaud's disease.. my fingers turn white when they get really cold. It first happened when I was a teenager, I noticed it one time when I went swimming in the ocean early in the spring (wayy too early) it was freezing .my friends almost took me to the hospital when the color wouldnt come back. It only happens when I get very cold.. and it happened yesterday morning, the subway was shut down in the city & steets were packed, public transit was crazy, shuttlebusses going non-stop.. So, I have decided that one day I am just going to have to have a tropical house to live in for the winters.
Canada. Its hard to beieve when it gets this cold that people live here.. and that people are raw here is just so, well, hardcore!! lol True dedication!
Yup, & so, on that note..back to my recipes. Love ya, Stay warm!!! : ) xo

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