Saturday, May 24, 2008

Purveyors of High Vibes!

Heyyyy... I have so much to talk about - and I have not been here as much as I would like - working on getting into a bit of a routine (which includes blogging more regularly)'s happening gradually.
It was more time and work than anticipated getting Rawlicious opened and going - esp cause it took off like crazy from the start, its been super busy and we are now in the progress of expanding - the Zen Den is moving to the room behind where the Zen den was going to be so that we can have a room with tables (much needed) but now the kitchen needs to get streamlined and ready to handle it and more renovations... etc etc... & I'd love to tell you more about it..

But, I have a friend here waiting for me to watch a movie (patiently)
So, will be back tomorrow to chat - promise!!

& talk more about life and happenings at Rawlicious - purveyors of high vibes!

pics coutesy of Fred who came to visit and brought lots of fun toys and crystals and cards and oils, etc.. and truffles - which I am off to enjoy some of right now!! xo

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