Sunday, May 25, 2008

Filming, Meditating, Spellcasting, Dancing and Illuminating

It was a great day, but sometimes it seems my days off are more busy than at work!
Today I filmed a podcast down on College St at the Liberty Clinic for and the Vitamin Junkeys. That was really fun- very interesting.. the segment we taped on raw foods will be up sometime in June I think - will post when it is up.

I made a green smoothie for them - they loved it, of course!! ; )

Then went to Toronto Sprouts after where we found this incredible crystal meditation pod which is useful for interdimensional travel and for meditation - it has 440 crystals imbedded in a circle that you sit within on a handmade golden brocade pillow - quite incredible.
So 4 of us sat in a circle after on velvet couches and ate a big sprout salad and raw earthbread sandwiches together and I pretended we were all witches and wizards - I was the witch of the North - a good witch (of course) ..

Like I said - long day, many adventures, so many things to do..

Happened across Yonge and Dundas - its such a great spot! always so busy, so many vendors and people and music..

The band was amazing!!

I love the billboards and signs and colors and sounds - very busy, downtown To is getting a very NYC times square kindof feel. Everytime I come down here I love it.
The guy below was cool - hes a master chess player, musician, dancer, actor, genius etc .. out to illuminate and expand minds of innocent bystanders - gotta love that!!

It's a great thing to really love where you live!

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