Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dowsing Daime Druid Bliss

Dowsing - The water which runs underneath the Earths surface is like the blood of the Earth running through its veins. Like our veins, there is an energy current which is created along the surface of the Earths water veins. Dowsers can detect the water running under the earths surface and can often tell how it affects the energy currents of spaces above the earth, which direction currents are running in, where they join, whirlpools, freeflowing and stagnant energy. There are ways of changing these energy patterns.

Santo Daime is a spiritual practise which began in Brazil in 1930 and became a worldwide movement in the 90's. Santo Daime ceremonies are called works (trabalhos) and include singing of hymns, sometimes while doing formalized dance steps, other times seated in chairs, meditation (called concentrations) and drinking of daime (ayahuasca). Dai-me means "give me" in Portuguese, as in "daime for├ža, daime amor" (give me strength, give me love), phrases found in several of the doctrine's hymns.

Santo Daime was founded by Raimundo Irineu Serra, and incorporates elements of several religious or spiritual traditions including Folk Catholocism, Kardecist Spiritism, African Animism and South American Shamanism.

Druids are magicians and enchanters - amongst other things...

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