Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day - Pot Luck - in back at the Sprout Farm

This beautiful rose is for my Mom.. who is the best mom ever! I love you!!!
Thank you for just being you. I know this sounds hokey and everyone says it.. but I am serious.. and you know your Mom is special when all your friends get excited when she is coming & start booking lunch and tea dates (spiritual and art appointments) with her. Honestly, I could not have picked better and I am so proud and happy to always have Mom to call and talk to.
Thank you so much Mom!!! xox

I feel like I have been on a little trip through the twilight zone and back - I think its part of the whirlwind full-on long, long, days transitioning into a new life and then having a day off - wow! It all kind of hits you. Lots of stuff to process. I'm feeling kind of emotionally exhausted but feeling like its going to pass soon and I will be blossoming again - spring is here and summer is coming! Yay!!

So, there was a pot luck at Sprouts again last night, and I went but late, after work, and didn't take pics this time of the front but went and took pics in back of the plants growing - part of the twilight zone thing I guess.. but all these plants are just so wonderful to be around ..I think they give off an incredible life-force energy just being around them.. and watching them - and they are so beautiful..

I promise I am coming back - full-on - soon!
But right now - I am exhausted!
Good Night
Sweet Dreams
I love you!!

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