Saturday, May 31, 2008

Noodles on the Train & Interviewing Dorit in Ottawa

Ok, the sequence of events is slightly mixed up - we started with the E3Live and freshly pressed organic apple cider, mangoes and pineapple .. and then worked up to the noodles on the train.
(I bought mason jars and had them pre-prepared to bring with us.) Between Mi-San and I we had so much food - missing from the pics are the sprout salads, sandwiches on Earth bread and the Thai marinated broccoli courses..

So much for eating lightly or fasting which Dorit suggested while traveling.. which is also a good idea. We kind of went overboard in the other direction!

& we found the Wild Oat - a restaurant in Ottawa. I was SO impressed!!! They had mate (yerba mate) available both bagged and fresh loose leaf - it's not so common & then we had these truffles.. in the pic above, right in the middle.. we made a serious dent in that plate - we had a couple, had a couple more, had a couple more.. they were sooo amazing - goji & maple pecan - if you are ever in Ottawa go here!!!

Although not all raw they have raw Pizza, Salads and Deserts - delicious and such a beautiful atmosphere!

I didn't get many pics of us with Dorit.. but we got a lot of footage on tape with her. She is such an incredibly fascinating woman - There are a few people I could sit and listen to for long, long periods of time. She's definitely one of them.

Mi-San and I.

On the train late last night, coming home.. more truffles & strawberries! Mi-San knows how to pack for a trip!!
I took so many pics on the train - it was crazy fun. I'm not posting the funny face episode though which had me laughing so hard, the crying-side splitting (weird phrase, but applicable) laughing.
I think I was over-tired from 4 hours of sleep the night before.
Dorit made an interesting point that often raw foodists push it and don't get enough sleep because they have so much energy and can get away with it - but that doesn't mean it healthy. We still should be getting lots of sleep. I'm going to bed early tonight (of course, easy to say now! )

Pics of Mi-San (Toronto Sprouts owner, raw food advocate, hosts raw speakers & events & so much more - great friend!) and Brian (filmmaker, actor, improv teacher at Second City - You and Media). Fun!


RawCaribe├▒a said...

Hi Robin,

I'm glad you are having a great time. I'm looking forward to going to Ottawa as well for the Raw Food Festival in September.

Lots of love!

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

It's going to be fun - See you there!!! Love to you also!

Anonymous said...

Hi, today is a beautiful day in my life. I saw a first snow in this year and I save this photo for all people in the World!