Sunday, May 18, 2008

Noodles - Tampopo and Creamy Miso Noodle Soup

This is a pic of noodles being made in Taiwan.

I make a Creamy Miso Noodle Soup, which has to be my favorite food in the whole world right now. I could eat it every day. I think I could almost live on this. I just made my 2nd last pkg of raw kelp noodles into soup today - and am in food heaven!

This is often our soup of the day at Rawlicious. It's a favorite with most people. & I will be putting the recipe in the book I am working on, which will hopefully be published in a few months.

I will be be back at working on it soon - and I thought I would be on it today - having the day off, but to be honest I am exhausted and took complete advantage of being able to sleep in - actually slept a few hours this aft also. I think I have some recuping to do - but tomorrow, thats it, back at the book! ! )

The soup recipe was largely inspired by 1. finding these incredible kelp noodles - clear glass noodles which are raw and made of kelp with almost no taste but an incredible texture - & totally amazing! & 2 - Tampopo, the incredible Japanese noodle western, a great movie.. which I was fortunately introduced to a few months ago - & love.

Tampopo - Theatrical Trailer of Juzo Itami's culinary masterpiece.

This was one of my favorite scenes, but there were many great ones!
The Noodle Master
scene - Tampopo

This is my noodle soup that I made here tonight - It is best eaten with chopsticks like in the scene above - and of course this is raw & vegan.
It is so, so delicious, my current favorite food! ..but definitely best eaten with chopsticks. : )


Sawako said...

Hi Robin,
I didn't know you like Juzo Itami's movie. He made a lot of movies & TV dramas, and he also wrote books as well.
He is popular in Japan, but "Tampopo" is not so famous.
Isn't that interesting?
Japanese people doen't like Tampopo as much as people overseas do.
I haven't seen it. I've seen the other movies though.

your noodle looks great!
Don't you put any seaweeds in it?
We often put some seeweads in miso soup.


Carolyn said...

That soup looks completely amazing! Although I must admit I saw Tampopo as a child (my folks taught film appreciation classes) and was traumatized for life by a certain train scene that involved crayfish, whipped cream, and raw eggs. You know the one. The rest of the movie was great - I loved the etiquette session with the western spagetti!

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Hi Sawako!
Maybe one of the reasons we enjoy the movie is because we are familiar with the westerns that this is sort of a spoof of - and because we can relate, we get a glimpse into Japanese culture on familiar ground - you know? ..maybe.
I would be interested in watching other of his movies - is there one in particular that you would recommend?

I used to eat a miso soup that I made with the seaweed wakame, enoki mushrooms, green onions etc ..but in this soup the noodles are actually made of seaweed - kelp

you will have to come try some - soon! xo, miss you! big hugs!!

Hi Carolyn, lucky you! getting intoduced to Tampopo & cool movies as a child! lol, yes I know the scene.. wild. There are so many great scenes, very fun movie!!