Friday, July 28, 2006

Wolfe thoughts

"Wolves are hunters; they are adaptable with eyes that absorb their landscape. Be like a wolf--fascinated and alive with curiosity." (Michael Duncan)

thoughts and ideas quoted/taken from a David Wolfe lecture:

We have densified ourselves with years of commercial food. We have lost our in-tune nature that animals have, animals are psychic spiritual beings. They are in the flow.. most of us have lost the flow. We assume we are something like animals when the truth is we are nothing like animals living in the wild.. we have removed ourselves so far from nature. We need to lighten ourselves up. We are eating the most dense, heavy food ever created in history, this materializes us.. as we lighten up we become more spiritual beings.

92% of the food that people eat today did not even exist 25 years ago.

Victoras Kulvinskas said that food comes up 22 times in an average day. This means that we have 22 times when food is available to eat on an average day.

Most people – an estimated 40%, die in our culture on Monday morning between 9 & 10 am!
We have been sold an idea that we are supposed to do what we don’t like to do. You can do what you love to do and do it as much as you want to your hearts content.. and it’s the only way to have real value in life and no stress.

A successful person is someone who loves what they are doing every day.

Appreciation for all the stuff we have access to. ½ the population of the world hasn’t made a phone call.. ½ of the population of the planet doesn’t know what an apple is. We get to try the most incredible foods on the planet We have amazing knowledge available to us.. enzymes.. Dr Howe spend 60 years of his life studying enzymes and we have access to this knowledge.. books, internet.. abundance, incredible abundance.. we have the wealth of the planet available to us. We are incredibly fortunate.

The strongest indicator of criminal behavior or jeuvenile delinquency is allergies to food.
Allergies to food!
The highest allergy is dairy products. #2 is grains – the gluten.

Minerals are required for higher consciousness. They test for minerals in your hair, they ash it & use light technology to test it, a spectroscope. The signature of the frequencies will differentiate between the minerals.. a mineral is not an actual thing - minerals are a set of frequencies, like a radio. The more frequencies we are tuning into - the more minerals we have, and mineral rich we are, the more frequencies and information we have access to.
The mineral is a piece of complex information. There is different information that you get from Lucky Charms & wheatgrass juice.. entirely different information that leads to an entirely different destination.. a totally different realization.

Green juices clean out the system. We are so silted up.. so much heavy food. Eating pizza is like getting a tattoo.

The vibration of fast food is not Love.. it’s Greed (Fast Food Nation)

Chlorophyll pulls heavy metals out if your system.
Chlorophyll is green.
Green is the very center of the rainbow.
If you are off center - what are you missing?
When you come into the city what’s missing? (except To, that is ; )
Green juice calms you down. If you are under high stress or at end of a busy day, drink green juice - it will calm you down – balance you out.

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