Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Crocs, raw basket, Sentient Times, David Bohn

Happy Birthday Amethyste!
I love you! xox

so.. I just became a crocs person.
I finally broke down this morning and bought a pair of crocs.. went all out, bought a silver pair and even bought butterfly charms to go with them.. they attach onto the ventilation holes. It’s a pack of 6 or 7, gotta go get them ready to wear tomorrow & plan an outfit to wear with them. I am working 2 jobs tomorrow.. will be running around all day. I’m so glad that I love both of my jobs!

Just checked out the crocs website.. it’s almost as fun as the shoes.. nice site. ..and I really like that fuschia-red pair they show on the home page. I was really torn between the silver & pink, but then they had a coral pink also & I couldn’t decide between the pinks so I went for the silver.

10 reasons to wear crocs:
1. Incredibly Light and Comfortable To Wear
2. Made From a Super Soft Material That Molds To Your Feet.
3. Non-Marking Soles
4. Extremely Slip Resistant.
5. Anti-Microbial Means No Odor. Say Good-Bye To Smelly Shoes.
6. Can be Sterilized.
7. Easy to Clean and Renew To Original Luster.
8. Advanced Toe Box Ventilation System Keeps Feet Cool & Dry While Also Allowing Sand, Air, Water & Debris To Pass Through.
9. Ergonomic Italian Styling Is The Ultimate In Orthopedic Health.
10. They're Cool! Get a Grip
oops, missed one.. They are Made in Canada!

My friend called me tonight.. she had asked me to put together a basket of raw foods for her boyfriends daughter, who’s an actress and interested in the lifestyle,, has a few raw books, etc. But the thing is she asked me a month ago and I knew it was coming but she was supposed to remind me & she just moved and has been really busy and forgot.
Co-incidentally – if you go for that sort of thing.. I had Neatballs in the dehydrater that I made this morning.. just came home and took them out and a sweet and sour sauce to go with them.. they are amazing. I used a recipe from The Complete Book of Raw Food, which is an amazing book.. lots of great recipes and information!

A good review of it here:
including recipes for Rainbow Veggie Slaw and Live Gardenburgers.

I just happen to have lots of foods all made and ready.. have more than usual, but I’m getting used to being away working a lot more so maybe that’s why. I’ll make a couple salads this morning to go with it before work and leave enough time for tea with my friend & it will all work out beautifully.

The baskets going to look great. I made:

Neatballs with Sweet and Sour Sauce
Pizza Crust with Tomato Sauce (no time for nut cheese, but I eat it all the time like this & it’s amazing!)
Ceasar Dressing – raw - cashew base, I’ve been really enjoying this a lot lately also.
Beet and Celery Salad – everyone thinks they won’t like it.. raw beets? ..But everyone who tries it loves it.
Broccoli Salad – If I get out early enough & can find a beautiful organic broccoli for it.
Fruit, Seed & Nut bars – lots of stuff with honey and some bars with cacao & coconut!
Spicy Nuts & Seeds – this is a favorite of mine.. I have a bag of this almost all the time in my backpack with me, just in case, so I will never starve. well, until it runs out anyway. ; )

Also have for her Lara Bars – Banana cookie & Pecan Pie – my fav flavors.
Living Harvest Bars – Cocoa Passion and Forbidden Fruit.
Sprouts from work – Sunflower, Pea greens and Ancient Eastern Blend

..and there will be other things from the health food store like raw almond butter, raw honey etc. and some fresh organic fruits and vegetables.

Sentient Times – Alternatives for Personal and Community Transformation
Sentient Times is a free bi-monthly magazine with a variety of articles on Community, the Environment, Psychology, Spirituality, Politics, Technology, Health, Business, Astrology, Herbs, Nutrition, Evolving Consciousness and Creativity.

My thought for the day comes from The Hidden Messages in Water book I am currently reading by M. Emoto. He writes about the famous quantum theorist David Bohm, who has a theory in which he states that every part of the universe contains the information of all parts of the universe. What this means is that every one of us, even every single cell in our body, contains all of the information of the universe.

The Lifework of David Bohm – River of Truth – by Will Keepin
Bohm's Quest for Knowledge
Holomovement and the Implicate Order
Order and Randomness
Dialogues with Krishnamurti
Superimplicate Order and Beyond Thought Meaning
Impact and Implications of Bohm's Work
Cool Reception in Physics
Matter and Consciousness
Science and Spirit
Bohm's Legacy
Etc. found here:

You are not only an entire universe but The entire universe!
wow - but somehow although its so incredible, it's like I already knew that.. I guess deep down we all do.

pic of my 2 beautiful neices - Amethyste & Emily


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