Saturday, July 15, 2006

Osho, enlightenment stories, Earth

“Enlightenment is a process of unlearning. It is utter ignorance. But that ignorance is very luminous and your knowledge is very dull. That ignorance is very alive and luminous, and your knowledge is very dark and dead” – Osho from Zen- the Path of Paradox

There are many stories written and told about how people have gained enlightenment. Gaining enlightenment seems like walking off a cliff. At any moment you can just take the step off.. it’s not something that needs to be learned, it just happens. At any second something in you can just click.. and you will just be there. In this story a poor monk who was living in a ruined temple was clearing the ground. He came a across a tile and threw it away and as the tile clattered against a bamboo tree and with that sudden sound he became enlightened. (sigh, this could have happened to me yesterday when the juicer exploded.. but it didn’t.. you just never know.. maybe if I was in the right state of mind.. but most of us are not ready to just let go & become enlightened. I have heard from many sources though that in the coming years there will be more & more people gaining enlightenment with a quickly increasing rate.. & that this is the only chance of hope for our planet.) ..but back to the monk.

“He says, All I had learned was at once forgotten. In that moment he knew nothing. In that moment there was no knower, in that moment there was no observer – just the sound. And one is awakened from a long sleep.
And he says, Amending my nature is needless. That day he felt that he was just struggling unnecessarily. Amending my nature is needless. You need not amend yourself, you need not improve yourself – that is all just tommyrot!”

“Nature can not be amended; it has to be accepted. There is no way to be otherwise. Whosoever you are, whatsoever you are, that’s how you are – that’s what you are. It is a great acceptance. Buddah calls it tathata, a great acceptance.”

“Nothing has to be changed, because all is beautiful – that is enlightenment. All is as it should be, everything is perfect. This is the most perfect world, this moment lacks nothing – the experience of this is what enlightenment is.”
–Osho from Zen- the Path of Paradox

My friend was telling me the other day about something he heard a long time ago which always stays with him. An image of the astronauts when they first looked back at Earth on the way to the moon.. very far away and the earth was so small.. and they saw it as this little blue planet and Neil Armstrong or Aldrin said ‘This is the most beautiful planet in the world” and about how this was the most beautiful sight..
so precious, so fragile, and so incredibly beautiful.

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