Thursday, July 20, 2006

Labradorite, Ravens and Butterflies 2, Cresent Park

My friend has been carrying a special stone with him that was picked out especially for him by a very old man he met. It’s a labradorite.

Labradorite is good for enhancing night vision and also seeing auras.
- It promotes strength of will and self esteem.
- It enhances creativity
– blending intellectual thought with intuitive wisdom.
- It’s excellent for those wishing to lose weight, it balances and regulates metabolism.
- It brings patience, focus and concentration.
- Can stimulate physical activity and generate energy to get into action.
Keywords: Psychic Wisdom, Promotes Intellectual, Intuitive and Mystical Wisdom, Calmness, Intuition.

Labradorite is a very strong stone. I have found from personal experience that it blocks off psychic communication.. which can be a good thing but is also why I never wear it.. Its too strong for me.. it leaves me feeling cold and isolated – but that’s just a psychic thing I feel with it. Flourite does that to me also.. the more opaque type. However, I think different people respond differently to different stones.. that they have generally the same properties, but sometimes people get different reactions from them.
Judith really loved labradorite.. I bought her a Labradorite pendant one year for Christmas & a matching ring for her birthday shortly after. She had no problems with it.. most people don’t.

On the right hand side of this link there is a list of various other rocks and gems. There is a great write up on amber. I am addicted to amber – especially my amber earrings, which I have tried to change a few times & always ended up buying another pair with amber almost the same. Amber has very attractive qualities to it.

& more on Ravens & Butterflies!

Raven – the raven is the keeper of the mystery. His shiny black feathers remind us of the great unknown, which need not be frightening when we learn to trust that Spirit is always guiding us.When we give up the control and enter the mystery synchronicities work in our favor, chance happenings bring us good luck and life magically begins to work. Allow raven to remind you that magic is always happening behind the scenes. Ask him how you can learn to recognize it.

Butterfly – the butterfly symbolizes transformation.If butterflies appear, you are going through change. Let go of the old, wait patiently for the new. You may even be considering a physical move. Make it beautiful!From:

Cresent Park from R. Genn’s twice weekly letters (
The cedar growing from the spruce
The rock of sunning turtles
The pond of great bullfrogs
The tree of the barred owls
The sunlit arbor with hanging moss
The lover's bridge with huckleberries
The playground of laughing children
The field of determined moles
The daisies at the bench memorial
The reedy verge of wood ducks
The place of whispering cottonwoods
The tree-stumps red at sunset
The view we sometimes paint
The fungous musk of the fallen fir
The feral snapdragons of the old cabin
The ancient larch standing alone
The ever-running brook

A place can be quite ordinary and still be a special place. It's all in the eye of the beholder. And shared history can magnify wonders--our children played and were painted on the great curved rocks that are now too overgrown to paint again. Now the swings and teeter-totters are for someone else's tots. With the naming and claiming that artists tend to do, there's a collection to be had. Like the haiku of titled paintings, they are the labels of our lives. By some miracle we are allowed on this path for a short while, and you can be sure when we are gone some like-minded ones will be there to take over.

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