Thursday, October 01, 2009

Dr Brian Clement - Notes

I was at a Brian Clement lecture a couple weeks ago and am just coming across a few notes I took.. which is always good for motivation, to reread. He has Immense knowledge!!

Brian is director of the Hippocrates Health Institute. Almost anyone here reading will know who he is. If you dont, ..and are interested in health or healing - check him out!! definitely.

ok, here goes:

Oxygen (note the big font!) It's all about the oxygen!
- purifies water
- helps increase brain and body function
Every cells main food is oxygen.

We get the most oxygen from the water we drink!

Raw vegan foods contain lots of oxygen in their cellular structure, which is mainly derived from photosynthesis.
Sun energy, through photosynthesis, cleans out carbon and creates the life blood of the plants in the cells of their leaves.
Raw foods have the ability to send oxygen to our cells.

Animals exhaust this oxygen in the process of digestion and lactation, and we receive no additional oxygen from meat or dairy. (in fact oxygen gets used from your body in digesting these.. and they are usually cooked, which again robs more oxygen)

It is best to consume food with the most sunshine.
Sun creates Life - All of the life on Earth!

ok, going to get a green smoothie!! see, motivation! ..and I'll be right back with more - & pics! : )

Hi, back.. : )

We ave become so deficient in nutrients, we have devolved to a point where we can live on recycled oxygen and nutrients. We can live on much less than in the past. If we had too many nutrients we would pass out.

Turmeric - for: Dementia, MS, every known type of cancer.. Everything except making you fly. (he mentioned turmeric numerous times - I've been on it!! )

Sprouts and leafy greens are the only plant foods rich in both oxygen and iron.

Most visible way to quickly receive and increase oxygen level in the body: Exercise!!
12% of muscle comes from fat, it takes 7-8x as long to build muscle if you are very thin.

Raw foods will make you conscious. Find a way to enter consciousness through: meditation, exercise, food.
Cheese, meat, soda makes you unconscious.
Alcohol, high sugar, junk foods ..make you more unconscious.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy!! Cells think on their own. (check mitochondria - 'cellular power plants') ..going into hyperbaric chamber the body feels lke it is going under sea level. After 40 years of rresearch they have discvered that 11 1/2 - 12 ' under sea level is the perfect level (for healing). Go under 1' and body starts to think its going to die.. cells are created in bone marrow...... more

Garlic Oil - The most disinfectant thing ever for an open wound.

Saunas! (yes!!)

In cold climates, crack windows open in winter. Get ozone generators in homes. We get much less oxygen. People live an average of 3-5 years less in colder climates because of oxygen deprivation.

Hawaii has a very high oxygen level.

NASA has created effective technology using oxygen to clean pollution.

Grow plants at home - They produce oxygen, digest carbon.
Nothing is more important than oxygen.

Everyone needs vit B12 (he suggested Garden of Life - vegan)

We get sick emotionally first .. & esp from having no spiritual life.

Digestive Enzymes!!! Most people require digestive enzymes. He takes 20/day for anti aging!!


Mila Ilina said...

Lol, I just wrote a post about Dr. Brian Clement on my blog... love him! Great notes, wish I was there.


Anonymous said...

I adore him : -)

Much love.