Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Laws of Increase and Infinite Expansion & Making Happy Choices!

Thoughts from Wallace Wattle's The Science of Getting Rich:

~ we don't have to waste our time in jobs we don't like, and that, in fact, we SHOULD not.

~ each of us has within us the necessary talent to do whatever it is we would absolutely LOVE to do.

~ it doesn't take a lot of energy or will power to keep your mind fixed on something that really grabs you - but it is VERY difficult to stay focused positively on what you DON'T really want.

~ the Law of Increase which shows us that every being is either growing or dying, either moving onward and upward, or falling back and stagnating.

From Charles Filmore's Prosperity - The Principle of Infinite Expansion is "the principle of never-ceasing growth and development of God's perfect idea that is firmly fixed in all Creation." Wallace also calls it God, the Universe, the Formless, the Infinite, Supreme Intelligence, etc...use whatever works for you.

This perfect idea makes itself known is through your natural gifts and talents, through the things you LOVE to do.
The things that you're naturally good at, the activities that lift you up and carry you along so that it almost seems effortless at times. The things you'd often rather do than eat or sleep. The activities that bring you more than just momentary pleasure -- they fill you with real joy and peace.

Many of us lose touch with that joy as the years go by. We "settle down," we fall into a routine, we grow up and give up our dreams. Sometimes we get talked out of them or shamed out of them or worse. Sometimes we just decide to be what people call sensible or practical or responsible. Sometimes we don't even notice they've slipped away.

We do it for reasons we think are reasonable, for money, security, so many reasons - according to our programs.

Do the choices you make, make you happy? If not, then you are not following your greatest purpose.
When we get out of touch, disconnected from our nature, from the earth, each other and especially ourselves.. we lose sight of what out highest purpose is. It's important to think and be conscious of the choices we make. We make millions of them everyday.. everything we think about, everything we do. Are yours making you happy?

You give your LIFE to everything you give your time to.

~Thanks to Rebecca Fine and Wallace Wattles for these thoughts, which I added to. ; )

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