Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Love, Raw food, Puzzles and Spanish

Hi. I just thought I would come and leave a personal note. I have been taking lots of 'me' time lately. in between my projects.. the biggest of which is developing recipes for a very exciting and new raw restaurant coming soon.. but we are keeping it under wraps for now.. its exciting and I would love, having a raw blog and all, to share the excitement and developments with you.. but one day soon. I am really excited by all the creative people working and building the raw lifestyle into a more natural way of living. ..giving it exposure, doing all the studies to show how beneficial it is, living it and giving living proof of what a beautiful way of living it is, and also to those of us who develop recipes to help make it a delicious and exciting way of life also.

My 2nd love these days is Spanish, which I am immersing myself into whenever I get a chance to. I have a pile of books and courses here from the library, I love the library. Love that I can just order books and Dvd's and cd's online and 2 days later go and them all up - it's the little things. Patiently working my way through them. I understand a lot..but hard to imagine myself speaking ~although I do, of course, because thats the way that one day I will~ and that will be exciting. !!! still, hard to imagine. I always had a hard time with languages, my brother was so natural at picking up foreign languages.. probably knows some of about 30 of them. They always seemed so foreign and intimidating to me.. so its a really exciting thing. I am curious why I picked Spanish.. my brother really urged me to learn French. And even though it seems like the thing I should do, I'm Canadian, it doesn't click with me. Spanish does. And I am really excited to find out one day, why I am putting so much effort into learning it. I love that in life when the pieces come together and you realize why you did the things you did earlier. Life is such a fun puzzle, a puzzle of love! Besos y Aberazos and Blueberries and Watermelon and lots of great books!! xo

"We choose our joys and sorrows long before we experience them."
- Kahlil Gibran


Anonymous said...

You touched my soul here! I luv Khalil Gibran;-) and your projects are so exciting!


Anonymous said...

...accept the seasons of your heart, even as you have always accepted the seasons that pass over your fields.
Love you Robin