Monday, March 17, 2008

Snatam Kaur - Celebrate Peace Concert

It has been a very intense and deep weekend. There have been 2 deaths this weekend which have affected me and very close friends and family. My Love goes out to you.

I went to the Holistic Health Expo yesterday and last night Mi-San and I went to the Snatam Kaur concert. Rawlicious Tracy & friend Janet had tickets also & sat with us. It was such a beautiful, emotional concert- she is such a high-vibrational spiritual presence. The audience sang, meditated (for Peace), did breathing exercises and when she had all the children go to the front for one song and had them do hand gestures for the song the audience followed suit and by the end of the song we were all standing.. there was a standing ovation for her and her group at the and. Actually it was interesting after the first song there was a lull of almost a minute before people started clapping - it was that deep.

"Her music is another bridge between the traditions and cultures of East and West. Snatam Kaur brilliantly interfaces Gurbani Keertan, the Sikh style of religious music, and the western classical and popular styles in her music and concerts. Snatam is popularizing her own unique style, rhythms, musical arrangements, and is introducing the Sikh sacred music to global audiences. Her music transcends traditional musical familiarities and frontiers, reaches deep into our soul where Gurmukhi, the language of Sikh scriptures, offers no formidable threshold that our spirit cannot cross or joyfully embrace." from here.

Snatam Kaur Valencia 2007

Snatam Kaur - Sacred Sikh Chants for Peace, Part 1 - Enlightening Entertainment

"Peace is the ability to stay true to yourself in any situation" Snatam Kaur

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