Sunday, March 02, 2008

Juice Feasting - I'm on it - as much as possible

OK - so what did I decide?
That life is just too tumultuous right now to commit to juice feasting 100%. But..
I woke up yesterday and really felt like just drinking lemon juice with cayenne and agave/maple syrup.. Although I started the day with phytoplankton and water.

I thought of juicefeasting.. but although I had read extensively on the website - most of the info on the 92 days- which is fascinating - I somehow skipped the important- How to get started information. How exactly to go about this.. Now I have the basics down:

1- Start 1st thing in the AM with 1 quart of water with 1/2 lemon squeezed and 1-3 T's of MSM.
2 - Shower or wake up and then make juice for the rest of the day - about 4 quarts of juice: a green vegetable juice and a citrus/fruit juice.
3 - Make sure you drink juice every 2-3 hours.
4 - The order you drink is important - Start with a green juice to alkalinize the system then late morning -afternoon drinks can be fruit (or green-vegetable juice) and the later evening juices should be green veggie ones.

So I woke up yesterday with a neighbour-friend calling early to go out shopping and needing something quick to consume. The Master cleanse protocol was easy for me cause I have done it a few times before (& really like it) so I ended up doing that all day. My only exception was last night - when I was co-erced by another friend to drink hot chocolate (raw, Chocosol decadence) - Thats was a tough one & I ended up giving in to a small cup.

But good news is that I went out & bought lots of produce yesterday.

So, I can't guarantee that I can stay 100% but I am going to juice whenever possible. I am still working on the Rawlicious menu & when I am testing recipes I am going to have to taste them.
& there are other considerations - emotional grounding may be necessary periodically.

So far today I have had E3Live & water, a lemon drink & now I am off to juice a big batch of vegetable juice to join all of you Juice Feasters! *Wish me luck- I'll be typing out recipes all afternoon! Big Hugs & Love!!! xo


Anonymous said...

Hot Chocolate...nice.


Keiko Cacao Ti said...

: ) Always!

Visual Presence said...

I absolutely love the pics in your blog not to forget to mention the whole Blog itself. Incredibly awesome pics! Great Job!
Rawlicious is the obvious next adventure in foods for me as I'm not so much a true vegetarian as it's been requested of me by 3 men to feed them meat. Nonetheless, I will surprise them soon and bring them all to Rawlicious for a healthy choice. I already have 1 son swearing never to eat McD****ds ever again. He has stood by that statement for ~a year and a half, and he's only 9. I gotta say that the Documentary 'Super Size Me" made it's own impression on him. Extreme? Yes but healthy! I'm a happy Mom in that regard.
I'm convinced that he will enjoy the experience as much as I will. We can't wait.
: )