Friday, March 21, 2008

Rawlicious - Food Experimentation Day

The sign is being made - That's a good sign! )

It's getting more & more comfy all the time.

Me in the kitchen

I brought in some dishes I was experimnting with at home: left - a Thai cucumber salad, along the top, the favorites - Mexican Rice and Jamaican Coconut, Rice and Peas, Right - Greek Dolmas - I tried grape leaves but they are tough without cooking them, so I rewrapped in soft Boston lettuce leaves for us for lunch. I'll try again another time. Bottom is a Fennel and Orange Salad and in the middle a tropical salad mixture which needed sprouted quinoa but we just ate it as is. But the rice dishes (raw rice made from parsnips) were the real hits.

Making spring rolls

They were really good!

This dish - Miso soup was so amazing! It was made with the kelp noodles I just ordered recently.

I also got in mixed sea vegetables and this is a noodle dish using those with Indian spices - curry & cumin etc -Spicy - it turned out really well too!

Fred came to visit and brought lots of chocolate.
What a delicious finale!!

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