Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Rawlicious Recipe Creations and Kelp Products

OK - so I am giving in to the fact that I am under stress. More than ever before in my lifetime.. but thankfully I have lots of interesting projects to keep my mind occupied and lots of supportive wonderful people around me.

Juice Feasting is out.. I tried but it only lasted a couple days. & I am making up for it now.. with all the recipe testing at Rawlicious. Today I made 4 types of Muffin Tops (cute name, huh?) Blueberry-Banana, Fruit Burst (With Apples, Raisins, Cranberries and Pineapple), Tropical Sunshine - needed that today with our big snowstorm! (Banana, Orange, Mango, Pineapple, coconut) and Apple-Raspberry-Date. ..and made some veggie pasta sauces: Alfredo, Spinach-Basil and Olive-Coconut-Curry- which is crazy and what I am having for dinner, cause it's so crazy delicious - even though I feel like I have not stopped eating & taste testing food all day long.

Angus made his most amazing Macaroons last night & the dehydrator was full of them - as well as all the other foods we were creating yesterday - Pizza crusts, Taco meat, Nut loaf Patties (for wraps) and Neat Balls (to have with pasta dishes). Recipe sensations that needed to be double taste tested from yesterday & Monday (we have to make sure they really are That good! ; ) included: Thai wraps, Chili, Caesar dressing (we knew it was great, Angus just wanted some ; ), also: Nappa Salad, Thai Carrot Salad and Pine nut Parmesan.. maybe more - it was non stop..

So.. umm, sorry Juice Feasters (I was kind of feeling bad typing that out) Can't see hoe I would have continued this time - However, I am really impressed with those of you who are on it!!!

Oh - One more important bit of Raw info to post - I just discovered something that looks pretty cool & exciting. But will have to wait for the shipment to come in to know for sure - just found a company on the net that makes kelp noodles - they look like ramen noodles & I am picturing them in a miso soup broth - a Mr Noodle kind of thing ..if I dare even go there, but if its super healthy - Hey! of course!! They are available at the Sea Tangle Noodle Company.

I also ordered (actually Mom ordered it for us - Thanks Mom! ; ) some dried kelp flakes which are so amazing they can be eaten almost just like chips - incredibly nutritious salt craving eliminator! ..from BCKelp. These are just on order though.. they don't harvest until later in March. But they are so good. (& so fresh!) Bull Kelp (& the flakes!)

k, off to the books now, editing, researching.. interesting stuff..
Have a great night!!!


Keely said...

The Kelp Noodles are great!!! My hubby has a post on his blog about a dish that he recently made with them. Check it out!!!

Keiko Cacao Ti said...

Hi Keely,
I loved reading your husbands blog and appreciate getting introduced to Chef Flandria!! I just may have to order her book. Thank you so much! & I'm so excited to get the noodles now!! (& I made this amazing Pad Thai today which I think they are going to be amazing in!! Yay!
Thanks again, Hugs, Keiko