Sunday, March 09, 2008

Update and projects

Hi! It's been awhile - for the next short period I may be here a bit more intermittently.. life is moving fast, a lot going on & I am just transiently flowing through it. I feel like I have hardly been home lately.. and just on the move a lot.. I was carrying my laptop with me but now have an external hard drive which is great to plug into other peoples computers to use. ..but I need my program to download my pics!

I almost feel like I have had so much to say for the last little while and storing it so that now that I am sitting here I am drawing a blank - what was I going to say?
So I will just excuse myself from keeping up with the small stuff, it'll all come back eventually - the good stuff anyway. & get to the bigger projects:

Rawlicious does not have an official opening date yet, but I was there almost everyday last week and we finally decided a week from Monday (tomorrow) we will open - that's in 8 days!!!
So getting the menu down is kind of a priority.. I am feeling very organized with it - we are getting every recipe perfected and typed out in one clear document - and its almost there - but still some testing to do.
The floor has just been put down, there is no furniture yet, but we have a fridge delivered - Angus says we should start preparing down in the actual cafe kitchen this week - hard to imagine it looks so bare. I'll bring my camera tomorrow - and get it posted asap.

But we had the March pot-luck last night and the pics are still in my camera from that - soon!
Oh, & I made a raw Pad Thai, which is sooo good - it's going to be on the menu too - and in the upcoming recipe book, which I am avidly working on - staying up late at night for this one - determined to make this a reality soon - have a target goal date set at 3 months - Lets see if that can be done ??

& then there's the book editing, which I love doing & good research for the other health-lifestyle book I'm working on. Really cool raw books from the early 1900's. .and more..
but, I've gotta get back to work!
It's great to love what you do!

& this intermittent blogging is very temporary - I have lots to say! )
Not to mention blogging for the Rawlicious Groove - but of course I will let you know when that's underway! Hugs to all - Peace out & LOve

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