Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Yoga and Foraging at the Cemetary

ok, this may sound weird.. but one of our main hang outs lately is the cemetery. I've just realized/worked out that Mom used to take Buddy often to the cemetery for walks. My dad is buried here, and my grandparents and other relatives.. and in the back section its cleared and kept landscaped and mowed, but only has a dirt road to drive on and not many people are buried here yet. ..and in back there's an area they are just clearing, which is almost always just empty, there's never anyone there - the dog can go free and we can pick wild strawberries and forage for greens for our smoothies.

Most of the cemetery has plaques on the ground, but some areas have tombstones, sculptures and landscaped park areas. Along the edge of the cemetery on each side it wanders off into wooded area, on one side you have to cross water.. which Buddy loves to get into. 

It was finally hot here today. Its been a very cold, wet, rainy spring and is just starting to warm up.. I'm loving it!!. But I really enjoyed a shady area we found and doing yoga there. I've missed doing yoga very much during the past 2 years.. and am really enjoying getting back into it!! : )

ps. The best thing about the cemetery is that Mom is always so happy going there. ..and the curvy fun road that you drive getting there.. its hard not to speed a bit here on these roads, they make driving fun. & the speed limits higher out here! 

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