Friday, July 29, 2011

Flashback - The Great Mud Sauna Adventure

This was from the day before I came to NB, the day before my mom had her stroke and went into the hospital. Who knew the following day I would be living in NB and on a completely new adventure. But the day before my journey took me to an incredible sauna.. with everyone covered in black mud, getting grounded with crystals and candles and essential oils and all sorts of wonderful high vibe earthly and unearthly things. massages, laughter, Bliss.. black mud!!

We brushed our skin and steamed and showered and steamed and got our pores opened and covered ourselves with essential oil doused deep dark living black mud and sat in a candle and crystal filled steam room, house powered completely down..

We drank gnome water (from up north, property close to David Wolfes land, with incredible magical gnome spring water) sat and sweated with a few of my favorite people.. what a way to leave Toronto. Who knew that the next day - actually this was a Sunday and I left on Tuesday, but close enough.. who knew that very soon I would leave Toronto.. and I still havent been back! All my things, including my boyfriend and cat, followed me out here & here we still are!  Live can be interesting - Expect the unexpected!! ; )

Mud steams are usually followed by feasts of the best food ever!!

Sprouts and probiotic hummus and garlic/herb marinated heirloom tomatoes, wild leek spread, jerusalem artickoke antipasto, Earth bread (the best raw bread ever!!) ..lots of sprouts!!

We made open face sandwiches..

Chaga and other medicinal mushrooms..

more sandwiches.. freshly grated organic turmeric on top..

and crystal goblets of keffir coconut water - thank you, thank you, Thank you!!! xox

What a beautiful send off, love u very much! big hugs and smiles : ) xo!

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