Saturday, July 02, 2011

Whats going on in the Kitchen?

Pizza Crusts just coming out of the dehydrator - 2 square, 2 round. I'm going to spread a square one now with cashew cheese and marinara and toppings and put the rest in the fridge, so they are ready to create a quick meal. (I have extra cashew cheese, marinara and pesto made from the lasagna I recently made ;)

The herbal tea brew.. I always feel extra witch-like when I make special blends of herbal teas.. even the hands taking a picture, dont they look witch-like?? ; ) 

wow, this is bad, you know what? I dont even remember! ..probably crackers. I have been looking for and creating ways to use up the pulp from the almond milk - one of the ways was crackers, and it gave them a really great texture. 

Mom's homework (a small part of it) - her words of the week are: Joan, walk and smoothie. I have to try to get her to say them as often as possible. Her therapy and this process we are going through is really interesting. Mom is great at responding 'off the cuff' or 'spur of the moment' and is getting better and better all the time.. but the problem with aphasia is that the connection gets lost when you think something and then have to voice the idea.. if you have aphasia the more you think about it the harder it is. So you can sometimes get the right responses by surprising it out ..which leads to some interesting homework sessions. Not to mention Mom has a great sense of humor (which I have only really discovered since coming home in April, and it is amazing to see this side of her that I missed before) We get so silly sometimes, its kind of ridiculous - For 3 nights in a row I was laughing so hard I was literally crying.. just really crazy.  Now, dont get me wrong.. its crazy and bizarre and fun sometimes.. but its also hard, for both Mom and I - There are periods when its really frustrating for her not to be able to convey her thoughts ..and periods for me when I feel very inept. I know I'm most likely the best person for the job.. but sometimes I feel so clued out. Most of the time I think I am fairly good at translating or deciphering what she is getting at.. but sometimes, its like shes talking Japanese.. and I'll go get James and he'll figure it out ..and I'll wonder what I am doing here?? But, I know that really, I'm just too close to her and miss things because of that sometimes. Sometimes a really simple idea will take a half hour, even longer to figure out.. we have all these different strategies we can try to figure it out. A few nights ago after trying and trying.. finally I said 'can you show me?" (one of my favorite lines now) and outside we go running in the rain to get the 2 bananas we left in the backseat of the car. I thought that was hilarious. Its really kind of bizarre around here sometimes - Mom has a new name she creates for herself regularly (it changes each time) and often when I dont know what she wants I just ask if shes suggesting ice cream, or buying me something interesting or going to some fanciful place.. I have my ways to make her smile ..and turn it all around to the most important things in life - Having Fun!!

Last 2 Cinnamon Rolls, with a squeeze bottle of Macadamia Caramel Frosting (from Sweet Gratitude ; ) Yumm!!

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