Friday, July 08, 2011

Strawberry Day

It's strawberry season and yesterday we bought 5 flats (60 quarts) of strawberries. They are so beautiful and so delicious - local and unsprayed (although not organic, which are hard to find around here and very expensive) but unsprayed works for me.

Fresh produce always looks so great. You always feel good buying it in the store and bringing it home. Colourful and beautiful. 

& everything strawberry is beautiful!

We set up production. Washing, hulling, setting trays of them in the sun to dry and bagging most of them for the freezer. ..for when strawberry season is over. 

After sitting in the sun they tasted even sweeter, almost like strawberry jam.

Our back porch with strawberry plants, tomato plants and solar water.

It seemed sad to put them into bags, but we'll appreciate them later. Enjoy strawberries now!!


sawako.sol said...

Beautiful strawberries!

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

xo Sawako!! thx :)