Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!!!
I have been having an incredible Christmas and want to share some of it here. Often with Days, Years, Events, Holidays.. I get themes happening.. this Christmas my Main theme seemed to be that it wasnt about the day itself that was important, but what the person had done and been all year through that was important.. the gifts (although I got amazing gifts!!) definitely seemed to take back stage. It was so fun opening them with the group of people around me and there were lots.. but it just was no not really about the presents to me, it was all about being with these people and how important they were to me.. and the Love of course. But so many times it came up how someone had given someone a small gift, a token, as they do so much all through the year.. esp my Mom, who has spent a phenomenal amount of time at the hospital and taking care of people. But really its all about the love.. Everything!!! Its all about the love!
Be the One
Be the one who smiles with your spirit and warms the heart of others.
Be the one who lovingly commits random acts of kindness.
Be the one who feeds parking meters anonymously.
Be the one who listens, really listens to someone in need while
Holding the energy of love and knowing they can do it.
Be the one that feeds a hungry person.
Be the one who embraces the angels and shines their
Love around the world.
Be the one who knows they are loved, they are love and
They are lovable.
Be the one who allows the magic and wonder of the season to
Follow you throughout the year.

this was written by Susan Gregg, mom sends me the greatest inspiration all the time. & I have been thinking that I really should come and post more of it here. Cause it always makes me feel so good.

So Shine on the Love, and keep the Magic alive!!!

..and I have to run, cause my daughter just came back.. and I want to go hang ; ) But I will be back.. cause I have to tell you about my presents, or at least very quickly.. I got a new camera!!!!! I am so happy!! & this incredible book of inspiration I want to share. Definitely blog material.. I think someone very influential wants me to stay here writing!!! & I always feel happy when I do it, so  Be back Soon!!! Merry Christmas!!!! xo

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