Sunday, December 26, 2010

Love. Happiness. Spiritual Growth

Love is Within

At level 500 which is reached my 4% of the population is the capacity for actual love. At 500 love takes on a different experiential reality. Its not the emotion of love.  When people talk about love they're talking about an emotion  that which goes from this to that, I love you, You love me, and therefore it can be lost. That person can stop loving you and if that person is the source of your happiness now you're gonna be quite desperate and of course love relationships that go downhill  y'know often result in suicide and homicide in other words that can cause quite a violent reaction. So one is always vulnerable so to be in love in that sense then your putting your happiness outside of yourself. As you get to the 500s now the source of happiness is not outside yourself but comes from within, so love calibrated at level 500 now changes into a way of being in the world. Spiritual love is a way of being, its the way you are within the world, what you are to the world, its now beyond emotion. It doesnt depend on emotion and its independent of the world, if the other person loves you so much the better and if they dont you continue to love them anyway. So I love my kitty no matter what and if my kitty suddenly stops loving me thats the kittys loss because I'll still love the kitty  y'know and he'll get out of his bad mood. So, we become that which sort of nutures life.The energy field of somebody in the 500's now begins to radiate out and support life.

Happiness is Within

The best way to handle a prayer for a Ford is to surrender your desire for a Ford.
Why did you want the Ford? Because you think that happiness is something outside of yourself. If I have the new Ford then I will feel successful and then I will feel happy so all desires then have  associated with them the unconscious belief system that they will bring us happiness  but that makes us very dependent on the external world and so our happiness is always vulnerable and therefore we live in fear all the time because if the source of happiness is outside of yourself your always in a weakened possibly victim position. If the source of happiness then is self fulfillment within oneself then no one can take it away from you.

Divinity is Within

So people say how can I grow spiritually. Do I have to go somewhere? Do I have to get a guru? Do I have to join a meditation group? Do I have to recite mantras or what? No you dont have to do that at all. Its so simple that its overlooked all the time. Its a decision to be loving and kind towards all of life including your own at all times no matter what. To be forgiving, to be gentle, to be that which is supportive of live so that becomes not what you do, but what you are. You become that which supports life, supports all endeavors, it encourages those who need encouragement and it becomes the energy of life itself so it becomes almost like the manifestation of the divine mother as well as the divine father, so its the merging of the two y'see. That which is nurturing at the same time that which is demanding of excellence.

These are exerpts from 'The Highest Level of Enlightenment' cd's by Dr David R Hawkins

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