Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mom and life changes

The pics a little blurry.. I just took it from Randy (my brother's) facebook page (uploaded from his iphone).. Its me with my Mom outside the hospital. My Mom had a stroke almost 2 weeks ago and I have been here in Moncton, NB (east coast of Canada), since the day after she was admitted.  Its considered a 'major' stroke but fortunately she is not paralyzed on the right side as can often happen - the stroke was on the left side of her brain. Mom has had a history of high blood pressure which she has been keeping under control through the years.. the raw diet helped it a lot when we started 8-9 years ago and so she continued eating raw throughout the years.. but it still was fairly high. She was born with a congenital hole in her heart and had open heart surgery about 20 years ago. just to give some history and to understand that this was a lifelong health concern.

Mom's amazing. She continues to be my spiritual guru through this and stays positive, despite not being able to communicate a lot. We are working on the alphabet and numbers and colors.. how can an artist not know her colors?.. she had had enough of me this afternoon when I walked her past this painting that I always go through the colors with her on.. its a big painting of abstractish flowers.. as we approached it  she said ' oh no, not that painting!!' lol I let her off the hook.. she worked hard today, and she hasnt even officially started her therapy sessions yet.

I was soo happy that she got into intensive rehab - they often only take people under 65 and Mom is 72.. but shes been very independent, living in a big house - same house that I grew up in with her 'wildish' but incredibly loveable dog (personality++) and her 16 year old granddaughter.. driving everywhere, teaching 3 sets of art classes, about to go for her 3rd gold bar on her black belt(maybe I shouldnt say that, she wouldn't, incredibly modest - but I think thats the way, when you get your black belt..humility is also taught.. but hey, I'm her daughter and proud) & mom is an artists artist.. like, she can stay up all night painting, very passionate about it ..its her life and what she loves most.. and so I am here to help her get it back.

I am moving back to NB to live here with her. James is coming and Zoey my cat ..the house is up for sale. My things are all being packed as I type by him (James) and friends and will be on a moving truck in days. Isn't it wild how life can change... expect the unexpected. go figure.. and now to sort it all out.

One thing I know is that its not an option but to be here with my Mom! Honestly, its like an honor for me.

Raw - Mom is amazing.. my guru once again - she is completely raw in the hospital. The dietitian wasn't sure what to do with her. and we worked it out. I make green smoothies everyday and bring those and salads. crackers etc to her. One day stuffed dehydrated marinated mushrooms and tomatoes with an herb coating.. salsa, guacamole.. today it was Indian food, complete with a coconut chai drink. Mom has her own gourmet raw chef here ; )  I made a list of everything she was having for awhile for the dietician.. her smoothie alone was a job to decipher I'm sure for her with all the herbs, superfoods, gojis, maca, blue green algae, medicinal mushrooms etc etc mixed in.. I got the green light and have fridge space to keep her going.  Everyday is a picnic there.. even the nurses come over to check out what we're having.
But life is busy, her dog is raw also and that was an adjustment to get used to taking out a dog 3x a day and making his food.. but I have it down. Its a full day but its flowing, speaking of which, bedtime.

ps. I should have my camera back in a week or so when my things all get here. I hardly brought anything, only a small suitcase so I wouldnt have to check anything on the plane. I had no idea how things were going to play out when I left Toronto, or that I wouldnt be going back. life changes.. gotta flow with it. We just keep doing our best!! peace.

psps. Moms website -


Paul said...

We are waiting for the next post and pix! Blogger closed down for three days and took away all the blogs that hadn't been tended to recently. I am SO glad that didn't happen to you.
What is new and rawkin'?

Anonymous said...

So glad that I checked your blog this morning in order to learn how things are with you and your Mom. Please give her our love. Sounds like you're making a great choice. Let's keep in touch.
with love,

April said...

Hey Robin,

Just read your April post re your mom. It is so positive and loving. You were always the queen of positive and you have outdone yourself!!

Please hug and kiss you mom for me. Such a special soul. She must have inherited it from her daughter!!!

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Hey, this is awesome, some of my fav people.. Great to hear from you all. Big Hugs all around! & thanks ; ) xo

Anonymous said...

You do not know me I am writing from Auckland New Zealand.
I just wanted to say I am so glad you are with your mum.
I found your sit looking at raw food, I have recently been gdiagnoised with Myeloma, so am changing EVERYTRHING.