Saturday, April 02, 2011

Life - black mud, Spanish, ducks and raw foods ...and lemon water

ok, this is probably a super-crazy picture to come back with after 2 months away. 2 months!! wow, where does time go? (gotta love that question!!) and what have I been up to?? or better asked is probably - What have you been up to?? Ah, but I can only answer for me.

I have been really into my Spanish in my spare time.. and that probably accounts mostly for my lack of blogging. It's been really awesome and enriching, in a different way from raw foods.. like exercising the brain muscles. & now it feels really great that I can understand radio and tv from Spain and Latin America.. and forget that its another language and just have to look words up now and then. But then again I'm having a good day.. there are ups and downs with learning.. I still have moments when I listen to something Spanish and am totally clued out, but for the most part I get along fine.

I am still very into my raw food thing. I dont think I will ever eat again another way, it just makes too much sense to me. That being said I have had my moments this past year or so when I have only considered myself high-raw (instead of the complete raw I used to be, and very likely will be again) and I've slacked off a few times here and there. I know I feel at my best the more raw I am.. I've just gone through some emotional life stuff in the past few years ..but I'm feeling strong and like a duck.. y'know how they just ruffle their feathers and shake it off and float along again. Oh, to be a duck! ; )

I got very into drinking lemon water in the mornings.. and have been almost living on green smoothies. I made some flax crackers this past week.. and have sprouted buckwheat ones sprinkled with sesame seeds in the dehydrator right now & I made some super-hot salsa today with about 5 kinds of peppers in it. I'm so into hot and spicy foods these days!!  & it turned out so good.

The pic above is because there was a cricket match today between India and Pakistan and I live in Little India and it was so loud walking down the street this afternoon, hundreds of flags everywhere, on cars, people, shops.. the traffic was almost at a stand-still it was so packed. It was very loud and busy and fun to walk through.

Tomorrow morning I am going to go for a black-mud super-steam crazy high vibe morning bright and early, where we do just about every good thing there possibly is you can do for yourself. I went a month or so ago also and took a pic, but it was too dark in the steam room to show you.. but picture candles, essential oils, magic black rocks and cedar boughs everywhere and us covered in black mud..  and the best food ever, after that is. Maybe I'll have pics tomorrow.

& 1 more thing. We're building a new website - yes, all raw foods based, the best foods ever! Tell you more later. xo! Peace and love!!

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