Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Festive Pizza Tradition

I have gotten into a Holiday tradition.. every year when it gets close to Christmas I have been making an abundance of pizza crusts, about 8 crusts and keeping them in the fridge until its time to eat them.  It started 3 Christmases ago, I was moving to where I live now within a week before Christmas. & the guys who were helping me move were raw, or mostly, or at least into eating raw foods.. So it started with that, thinking if I have this all pre-prepared, it will be easy. & it was. Not to mention that Pizza is great moving food!  Its often tradition when moving to have lots of beer & pizza for the movers, in my case that would be Pizza and Kombucha, or as close as possible.   So that year I had Pizza crusts, Cashew Cheese and a Pizza-Marinara Sauce and the morning of moving day I only had to spread a few crusts with cheese, sauce and toppings and put them in the dehydrator just before the move. It was great.
& Then with the rush of everything else that goes on at Christmas, it was an easy Christmas Eve dinner. And the highlight.  3 years in a row now. 

This year I had a raw potluck to go to between Christmas and New Years and when my friend mentioned me making pizzas, that started it again. ..& I just realized as I finish off the last of the pizzas, that this was the 3rd year in a row. Definitely a tradition starting I think!!

Here is a pic of the pizzas boxed and getting ready to go to the pot luck. They fit in perfectly and it all went great. Maybe I should set up delivery service? ; ) 


Sapphire said...

Can you give me your recipe on making the raw pizza? In particular the crust? This sounds amazing!!!

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Hi Sapphire,
I searched (at the top left corner is a search box), almost forgot posting this.. it was 2 years ago. Enjoy!!