Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Picking Raspberries

Mom and I went raspberry picking - twice. The second time we were smart enough to pick in quart containers, like above - we picked 12 quarts.. 1/2 as many as the first time. But the first time we made the mistake of picking lots in big buckets and the weight of them squished the bottom ones.. we still got them all spread out on cookie sheets and froze most of them when we got home, but we were left with a couple glasses of fresh squeezed raspberry juice at the bottom. The containers were too deep, lesson learned and we did much better the 2nd time around. 

It was beautiful there. We went to Harper's U-Pick in Hillsborough - this is where Mom always goes to stock up on raspberries and fill her freezer for the winter. She has a 2nd fridge and a huge freezer in the basement (we're always well stocked!)

The rows are clearly marked and someone will guide you where to start picking. The berries are big and dripping off the branches, like grapes. 

Home with all of our berries and its lunch time:

This is a pic of what our table frequently looks like at lunch lately - Collard leaves to make wraps with, dehydrated nut & veggie burgers, burger sauce, BBQ-chili sauce, lots of sliced up veggies (often from our garden :) sometimes left over salad, hot banana peppers for me & always lots of sprouts!! These are really delicious and one of our favorite meals!

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Girl on Raw said...

Am loving every single bit of food you have laid out. Way more exciting than my lunches of late!