Friday, June 24, 2011

The Tidnish Bridge Art Gallery

Mom is a member of an art co-operative, a group of 8 artists - including mostly painters and also a writer and potters, who run a gallery throughout the summer - The Tidnish Bridge Art Gallery, just outside of Amherst, NS. Tomorrow is our Open House (I am including myself in here because as Mom is involved, I am involved - I am like her 'seeing eye dog, but more a 'speech and communication person' I try to decipher and translate as best as I can, often I can't, but I try. Mom has aphasia - this is a common effect from having a stroke. It seems shes textbook aphasia with a touch of apraxia.

Here are some quick pictures of the Gallery and surroundings:

These are mom's art cards.. all original watercolors!  She is a prolific artist and before her stroke taught several groups of art classes. She enjoys making these cards which she makes from the studies done in her classes or from larger paintings. ..all from before her stroke. 

Mom out for a walk, its really beautiful around the gallery!

Buddy, her dog, Loves the car!! ..sometimes its hard to get him out. Buddys raw too!! : )

I was so happy when I saw her doing this sketch when we were last there.. its so similar to her past style. Its a really good sign. 

She wrote some words on the bottom left page, but I am not sure what they mean.  yet. 


Frank Zweegers said...

Looks great, Robin.

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Bedankt Frank, glimlacht en vlinders : ) R