Friday, June 11, 2010

Magic - Of Nature and God

Just one thought for tonight.. that is staying with me from Wayne Dyer's movie - The Shift.
Its a very simple thought.. and yet very profound, if you really get it. It is that for the 1st 9 months of your life, before you were born, everything went perfectly well so you would grow and become who you were to grow to be - perfectly.. and when you look at Nature, and however you look at God - How can we possibly think that everything for the rest of our lives is not also perfectly planned out. That we will naturally grow to our full potential, and do what we are meant to do.. unless we hinder our natural growth. If we can stay out of the way and not stop the growth, we really dont have to do anything.. just follow our hearts and feelings and do what we love to do and everything will grow exactly as its supposed to. Things only go astray when we start using out brains, our egos and logic to figure out what to do.

He has an acromym for EGO - Edging God Out. 

We naturally want to grow to our full potential and experience a full Life. We just need to let it happen. & when you take a perspective of stepping back and watching the magic happen, its much more exciting. Thats not to say we are not active, of course we are, because we are doing what we love to do!

It was inspirational having my Mom here. She said to me yesterday " I live in a magical world, but most people dont see it." So simple, yet so profound. 

Watch and.Embrace the Magic!! xo

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