Sunday, May 02, 2010


Thoughts on Happiness

Choose Happiness. In order to be happy, its important to choose happiness. It is a choice we make. : ) 

Choose to be an environment of happiness. Choose to be around people who bring you up and make you feel good. Choose to listen to positive information. Listen to Optimistic, Successful, Creative and Motivational people.

Eat Healthy. Get enough Sleep. Exercise.
Food does affect your emotions and attitude. Raw foodists naturally feel happy, connected, an inner joy of being alive, its not coincidental.. its coded into the food, it fills us with light and makes us feel good. 

Take action. Be Pro-Active. Give back to the Universe.
Happy people are often those who are giving to others, those who get out of themselves and give back. It is this giving out which fills us up and we feel complete and satiated and abundant.

Gratitude. When we are thankful we are acknowledging what we Have and what IS in out life. This naturally makes us feel full, complete and abundant.
It also puts us into the Now.. out of the past (fear) or the future (worry). When we are fully in the now, there is no fear or worry, those states only belong in the ego mind and never in the now.

Do things that make you feel good. 

Do your best. Always.

But mostly choose to be happy ..and then, expect happiness.

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