Thursday, August 14, 2008

Rawlicious Reviewed

I had a feeling last night to Google Rawlicious and didn't.. but I woke up way ahead of schedule with a phone call telling me about a Rawlicious review in Now magazine - Now is Toronto's main entertainment magazine which is available free just about everywhere in the city.

I have to admit I was a bit disappointed by the review (here) by Steven Davey but then considered that we are being reviewed by someone who is not into Raw food - & hey, thats life.. (but the nori & the spring rolls are totally different ..and the pizza crust is quite different from the crackers, but maybe they were thinner that day & seemed similar?? possible, part of having everything so handmade and love & energy infused!! : ) I am glad he really liked the wraps - I am really into them these days also! (& I know the pizza & the food here is amazing!!)

More Rawlicious reviews out recently & which I prefer:

one in Vitality Magazine - by Natalie Campbell Djedje

and one in the Town Crier by Liz Campbell

So, this morning fell back asleep and woke up after noon!!!??? Wow, I haven't done that since I was a teenager! I know I have been nearing exhaustion, working.. going from one work, to another work, to another work.. (oh, my own personal inside joke which probably no one else reading is going to get.. ) speaking of which I just bought another white skirt for tomorrow night.

k, back to work - I am working on a forward for some really cool old (early 1900's) raw books by some of the real health gurus.. very interesting & fascinating stuff!
Lots of projects on the go and they will all be coming up soon!
xo! Peace!

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Dr Claude Windenberger - Real Freedom facilitator said...

Sounds like the place to go next time I visit Toronto, although I am not into 100% raw food (yet), but I love delicious's what I prepare for myself every day, too (and currently with organic veggies from Dr Claude's organic garden at the Abundance ecovillage where I currently live)