Sunday, November 25, 2007

upacking - Raw Summit 2 - Cori Brackett - Sweet Misery & Remedy

Good evening!
What a day! Well, here I am all set up again here at home. I am almost unpacked.. its taking an extraordinarily long time for such a small amount of stuff ..because for everything I decide to put away I feel like I need to clean out that cupboard or drawer or cd rack or bookcase... but it feels so good to clean and get rid of things. But there is till so much to clean up! I may even venture into the basement tomorrow! Ahhhh!!!!!! lol

I am listening to the Raw Summit again. I missed a few, would really have liked to have heard Matthew and Terces Engelhart of the 4 Cafe Gratitude's in San Franscisco. Christmas hint: I would love their recipe book - I am Grateful! : )

Tonight it is Cori Bracket - health advocate and producer of the documentary Sweet Misery and Sweet Remedy.

Cori was diagnosed with MS and discovered the cause of it was eating so much aspartame in her diet. When she discovered that it was aspartame and cut it out cold turkey - the symptoms went away. Previously she consumed a lot of it. After stopping for awhile -a friend of hers gave her some breath mints and then,right away, there they were again- the headaches and symptoms, they all came back and then she realized that there was aspartame in them. When she researched aspartame she found lots of evidence on the internet linking it with MS.

To heal herself:
Chinese herbs were good - Reishi mushrooms, selenium, lions mane,
..then she cut out dairy, eggs, all cheese etc ..she became a fish-eating vegan.
she worked on meditation, energy healing. She spent a lot of time writing, doing things she loved and tried many therapies, and kept the ones that worked well for her.
and she cut apartame out of her diet. - Nutrasweet, Equal is in almost every chewing gum. She doesn't recommend Splenda either or anything with sucralose.

She talks about Dr Mercola's book Sweet Deceptions. Lots of other research and lots of stories of other people with MS or diabetes who also are or have been aspartame consumers.

Cori is 40-50% raw.. I am falling asleep. Nothing to do with Cori.. it's interesting but its late.. and my last child is going to bed & telling me to make sure I get to bed soon. lol Cute!

A lot of products with aspartame also have MSG, both of which have been shown to cause lesions in studies with rats. Both are also excitotoxins which excite the brain cells to death.

94% of doctors accept perks from the pharmaceutical companies. Because of this they learn to trust the reps.The pharmaceutical companies make it easy for doctors.. drugs packaged well and advertised well. It is made so easy for doctors to prescribe drugs for everything.

ok, thats it for me.. I got in 2/3 of her talk. ..not bad, its after midnight & I have to get Kaiya up early for volleyball practise. & So.. I am off before I fall asleep right here - I'm yawning & dozing off.


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